Popcorn Roasted Green Tea

Dhs. 44.90
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This tea is a homage to the heritage of the railroads in East Africa which brought tea to these lands along with many exotic herbs and spices.  This tea is rich in anti-oxidants offering all the health benefits of green tea. The tea has been blended with roasted puffed rice and also helps with digestion and weight loss.

  • 100% organic and sustainably sourced
  • Rich in Polyphenols which have been proven to fight cancer and chronic illness
  • Helps improve brain function and concentration
  • Boosts your metabolism which helps with weight loss
  • May help reduce bad breath
  • Low calorie beverage
  • Contains Caffeine

              how to use: In a teapot with an infuser, place 4 grams of tea leaves. Fill the teapot halfway with 80°F water. Allow 4 minutes to steep and brew to ensure that all of the tea leaves are properly opened, mix with a spoon. It's best if you don't have any milk with it.

                  ingredients: green tea, puffed rice, popcorn

                  net weight: 50g

                  *lifestyle image used is for illustration purpose only - credit to tsteas.com