Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

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A versatile oil, that can be used on both the skin and hair. The Baobab oil absorbs quickly and is a wonderful powerhouse to use on rough skin and products designed to moisturize dry hair, leaving the skin with touchable softness and the hair with added shine.

Kalahari melon seed oil is an excellent natural facial cleanser since it unclogs pores and eliminates excess sebum from the skin's surface. Using your hands, gently massage a few drops of the oil into your face. For balanced, radiant, healthy-looking skin, apply to hands, cuticles, elbows, or any dry, sensitive region that needs additional moisture without leaving a greasy residue.

  •  Cold-pressed
  •  100% pure and natural
  •  Zero additives, fragrance, or fillers
  •  non-comedogenic
  •  Rich in vitamins A, B, and C for a beautiful even-tone
  •  Great for dry skin, fighting inflammation, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and       blemishes
  •  Good for hair growth, a dry scalp, and moisturizing hair
  •  Safe for daily use
  •  Stored in a dark bottle to preserve oil's integrity

    how to use: Apply several drops of Kalahari Cleansing oil to your palms and gently massage into your face as a natural facial cleanser.

    ingredient: 100% cold-pressed Kalahari melon seed oil

    net weight: 30ml

    *lifestyle image used is for illustration purpose only - credit to suyashayurveda.com